Tax and Bookkeeping Services Specialists Serving Phoenixville and Wayne Areas Suggest Getting A Head-Start on Planning for the 2015 Tax Year

EP Caine & Associates CPA, LLC serve residents and businesses in the areas around Phoenixville and Wayne and are experts with providing tax and bookkeeping services. They solve all tax needs for individuals, corporations and non-profits. EP Caine & Associates LLC can help maximize your refund through their extensive knowledge of the tax code. Did you know that the tax code has undergone more than 4,500 changes since 2001? Edward Caine and Steve Mankowski are two CPA’s that are experts at understanding all of the nuances in an often confusing tax environment.

EP Caine & Associates CPA, LLC also has comprehensive knowledge of the current healthcare laws. Under “Obama Care,” an individual is subject to tax penalties if they do not carry to minimum government-required health coverage. Individual taxes can become complicated when filing on your own, the existence of Software programs can often be more confusing than helpful. For this reason, 57 percent of people receive assistance with filing individual taxes. Read More.

The associates at the firm strive to obtain all of the deductions possible to maximize your individual tax return. They offer affordable, competitive rates for their services and provide the tax and bookkeeping services necessary to enable you to plan ahead, and avoid surprises come tax season. If it is deemed necessary, EP Caine & Associates CPA LLC can produce due-date compliance monitoring systems to help avoid costly interest and penalties in the circumstance of late filing.

Another benefit of using EP Caine & Associates CPA LLC is that they can provide full representation in front of the IRS if necessary, as well as local and state taxing authorities. They also are adept at negotiating compromises and other offers to the IRS.

Additionally, EP Caine & Associates CPA, LLC offers their services to small-mid-sized businesses in addition to the work that they do for individuals’ tax returns. Their goal is to make your business succeed, no matter what the current economic or specific circumstances. They have the experience required to help you properly manage your business and your business’ tax situation. They can acknowledge different business entities and advise you on the entity that you chose. They weigh pros and cons of your scenario and build the best plan to maximize business profits. They can also provide assistance to market evaluations for new businesses and business valuations for the purchase of existing businesses.

Tax and Bookkeeping Services available by EP Caine & Associates CPA LLC are readily available to residents and businesses in the Wayne and Phoenixville area. To learn more, visit